We offer a "digital" option on most of the newer videos that we produce in high definition formats. A digital copy is the same option that is available on Hollywood DVD's and Blurays. You are provided with a high definition version as an MPEG-4 file (formated to 720p) that is playable on any computer device (even if you only purchased the low definition DVD along with your digital copy). The file can be played directly from the DVD media it is provided on if you have a DVD drive or that file can be copied to a computer or tablet device for playback on the device's hard drive. The option is not available separately as you must purchase the DVD or Bluray in order to add the option.

Please note that one show as a high definition MPEG-4 file can be as large as 4.3 GB and that may be very large to store on a smartphone or similar devices with limited storage space.