Dance companies are invited to explore our video capabilities for their next dance recital. There are a number of examples on this site that we share with you above.

After shooting a show or shows, we would mix the performance as appropriate and apply titling information identifying each individual performance.

We can create multi-camera mixes that allow for sufficient close ups while at the same time creating a mix of your performance that encompasses wide shots of your performers so you can see all of the choreography OR we can shoot the entire performance in one camera getting every detail. Each dance company has different requirements, taking into consideration the needs of students and parents. We can accomodate any technique you wish.

Final videos are produced as Blurays (high definition), DVD (low definition) and videos suitable for viewing on a PC or mobile device (such files are in an MP4 format, the format most commonly used on Youtube).

We can produce other video for you as well. Check out a promotional video we made for Studio '91.

Click here for information on cost and profit sharing arrangements.