In general, anything that a web server can do, we offer as a service.  There isn't much point in listing a plethora of features because all web servers have a set of standard services built into them and with the addition of the control panel that we use virtually anything you want to do we can do.  Those built in features that you can access from your VirtualMin control panel are not something we would think of charging you for.  If you want features installed (like fixed IP addresses) or an application that isn't on our list of available programs, those cost a few cents and we have to pass along the cost of purchasing as well as installing those things.

Some hosts impose limitations on the number of email accounts, databases, etc in order to indirectly affect the issues of storage space, server memory, CPU utilization and bandwidth.  We are concerned with these issues too but rather than imposing artificial limits to get at the control we simply prefer to charge on the basis of  your impact directly on these end measures.

A short list of the features you will most likely like to use are as follows:

  • create email accounts and email aliases, redirect email
  • create sub domains and host multiple domains at one account
  • create and manage databases
  • install a wide variety of third party programs that operate on your web site
  • access a variety of reporting about your site

You have available for your use an online graphic interface call VirtualMin to manage your web site.  Through this program you can utilize all of the typical services available on any web server.

If you want to actively manage these aspects of your account you will want to reference the documentation on VirtualMin.  When you first get a web account you will be sent the url and login information to access your VirtualMin account.   Some documentation at the site referenced below deals with aspects that you will not have access to such as features which directly control services on the server.  You will want to focus on account level issues.

We use Linux servers and offer a multitude of other options and features that are standard on web servers. The price that applies to your web service is based exclusively on the amount of storage and traffic (bandwidth) you generate. We will assist you with the initial setup of your site but any web site design or content services are billed as development costs.  There are no setup fees with any plan.

Disk Space and/or Up to Bandwidth Annually
up to 200 MB up to 2 GB $83.00
up to 350 MB up to 4 GB $110.00
up to 750 MB up to 9 GB $165.00
up to 1 GB up to 11 GB $220.00
up to 1.5 GB up to 15 GB $275.00
up to 2 GB up to 20 GB $350.00
up to 2.5 GB up to 25 GB $425.00

While you can operate a wide variety of web applications, we generally partner with our customers in managing their website using the application Joomla. If you have an existing web site and don't want to completely replicate it on our server, we can provide conversion services to recreate it using Joomla. Joomla is in a class of applications that is very accessible to computer literate individuals who are not web developers but supports sophisticated applications and solutions when necessary. Go here for more information about Joomla. You should also note that in general we can maintain all of the update of your Joomla installed software, relieving you of that task.

Why don't we offer unlimited storage and bandwidth?

Because there is no such thing.  Companies that offer unlimited storage and bandwidth don't expect you to use unlimited amounts and the restrictions that they place on what you can do on your web site effectively insures that you won't test the limits of their offers.  For a full discussion with citations from several companies offering "unlimited" features but with severe restrictions.

We've had the experience of dealing with mass hosting plans and while they have their place, we are not in the business of providing an impersonal service that works fine until you have some requirement that doesn't fit into their pre-designed cookie cutter model.