If you engage us to develop your web site for you, we have two principal alternatives for creating your web content.

webdevThe traditional method is to use a web page editor or code by hand the pages that are uploaded to your site.  This method is very flexible but is inherently a complex process and not for those who don't want to learn the intracasies of html/web page editing.  Changing the text of a paragraph is easy once you've gone through the six month learning curve to learn how to edit web pages.  We can develop a web site using this approach but paying us to do what should otherwise be simple tasks can become expensive for you.

The more cost effective alternative is to use an application like Joomla.  Joomla is an amazingly flexible program that allows for a lot of customization within a very structured environment.  The typical user may not be comfortable installing the program and setting up the site from scratch and populating it with content but with a little training, modifying, changing or adding pages and text is a breeze.  And if you have decent  computer skills you might find doing virtually all of the work easier than you think.

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